Where love of life, land, and laughter - live!
Where love of life, land, and laughter - live!

Frequently Asked Questions

(All members of our Farm Share Membership are required to read through these questions and the membership agreement prior to signing our memberhsip agreement) 



5-7 different types of vegetables weekly might be more vegetables than I can handle.  Is there a smaller share available?
If the amount seems to be more than you'll be able to utilize, we suggest "sharing" a share with another person or family.  Then either alternate picking up the share contents each week - or divide up the contents of the share weekly with each other.


What is the volume of produce each week?

We aim to provide a variety of vegetables that weigh 7-10 lbs weekly. Keep in mind that a tomato weighs more than a lettuce leaf and each week the share will be worth at least $30 of the best produce we have to offer. When there is a surplus coming from the garden this will be shared with our Farm to Family members.


 How will I know if I have been accepted as a member?
Upon filling all of the slots available we'll send out an email to all who sent in an application and payment to verify receipt and verify your delivery location.  In the event your form and payment is received after all of the memberships have been filled, we will return your payment.


Do I get to pick and chose what will be included in my share box?  What if my family or I don't like a particular vegetable? - Can I request substitutions?
Members agree to receive a selection of what's coming out of the garden. We encourage members to try out new ways to prepare produce.  More often than not - members and their families have discovered new tastes and appreciation for vegetables they once wouldn't have allowed on their plates!  We've also had members who will simply swap vegetables with other members - or give them away to friends or neighbors who will appreciate them!


What if I want more of a particular vegetable?
If you would like for us to pack extra into your weekly share box, just email us on Monday and we will pack the extra in your box (if it is available) and email you with the additional amount owed. You can pay when you pick up.


What types of vegetables will be included in my share?
Each week we will post a list of what is being harvested and packed into the share boxes for that week. 


What happens if I am on vacation, have an emergency, or forget to pick up my share?  If you have an emergency or will be away on pick up day, we ask that you arrange to have someone else pick your share up and store it for you. Shares not picked up by the hours specified will go back to the farm for donation or hopefully another use. If you cannot arrange to have someone else pick up for you – please let us know no later than Thursday before delivery so that we can plan accordingly (and reduce labor and spoilage).


What if I wish to discontinue my membership before the end of the 15 weeks?
Although we cannot refund any portion of your membership payment - you can sell or give it to another person.  You must make all of the arrangements with the potential new member, including any exchange of money, getting the membership form filled out to reflect the change in share ownership and the delivery location desired, signed, and mailed to us at least one week before the next delivery.

What about crop failures?  What are the chances I’m not going to get my money’s worth?

In the 12 years we have been providing a CSA we have never had a total crop failure.  There have been weeks when the harvest share did not meet the expectation in volume, but we packed extra in weeks following when production allowed. We plan and work towards the goal of complete customer satisfaction and can provide references from past members upon request.  


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